Politics in Healing:  The suppression and manipulation of American Medicine

-- Daniel Haley, Author


A former New York State Assemblyman who has spent a lifetime studying health and healing in America, Dan is a man uniquely able to tell the story of the damage greed and political influence has wrought on our nation's healthcare alternatives.  Dan has just completed and published a book written in clear and easy to follow language chronicling ten separate, well researched stories that will both shock and alarm you.  Dan's working title has undergone various changes over the several years of the book's preparation, ranging from "Politics in Cancer" to "The Terrible Truth about Politics in Cancer" and finally settling on "Politics in Healing: The suppression and manipulation of American Medicine."  Dan's information-packed 465 page book is an absolute "must read" for anyone interested in American medicine, healing, alternative healing modalities and treatments, cures for cancer for which there is strong anecdotal evidence of efficacy, and the abuse and interference of the political process in those treatments.

"Daniel Haley has written a very important book about the medical profession, detailing the struggles between good and evil as no one ever has before.  Incredible as these stories are, they are true!"

-- Julian Whitaker, M.D.

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Why does one American die of cancer every minute?

That's 1,440 a day, or the equivalent of three fully loaded 747's crashing and killing everybody aboard every day!  That's 10,000 a week - 500,000 a year - every year - ten times the number who died in Vietnam.  For them we have a wall, but where is the memorial to the cancer deaths?  Have you lost a loved one to cancer?  Who hasn't?  We have a War on Cancer, but the more money we spend on cancer, the more people die of it.

READ WHY we don't have effective Non-toxic cancer cures.  Read about cancer cures which were and still are being relentlessly suppressed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA).  The only harm they would do would be to drug company profits.

Why does one American die every 3-5 minutes (100,000-150,000 a year) from the effects of FDA-approved, pharmaceutical drugs, used as directed?

This is 3-5 times the number who die each year from illegal street drugs!  For those, we have a drug czar, but it appears we have only indifference for the 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 Americans who died over the past decade from the effects of legal drugs -- a veritable drug-company-FDA-generated Holocaust?  Where is the memorial, where is the march on Washington in protest over these?  The more FDA employees, the more people die from the drugs FDA approves.

What is the solution?

Not more money for bureaucrats, but freedom from bureaucrats.  The U.S. has one of the most (probably the most) heavily and tightly regulated medical systems in the world, dictated from the top down by the FDA and the AMA.  In computers, we move with lightning speed, but our economy would look like the Soviet Union if it were regulated like healthcare.  We'd still be using punch cards if IBM had had an FDA to protect it (as the drug companies do)!

The Author's RX:

A freer market in Non-Toxic therapies!  This would provide competition for the drug companies and drive their prices down...way down, as only a free market can do.  All the cancer cures described in Dan's book were non-toxic -- yet they were squelched by the AMA and the FDA.  WE DON'T NEED TO BE PROTECTED FROM THINGS THAT CAN'T HURT US!

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The book's twelve fascinating chapters include:

  1. What's wrong with America's Healthcare System?
  2. The Hoxsey Storey  -  The story of Harry Hoxsey, the Hoxsey Clinic, and the Hoxsey Cancer Therapy
  3. Birth of a Science or Death of a Science?  -  The story of Dr. William Frederick Koch, the Koch Treatment, and carbonyls
  4. What became of the Rife Technologies?  -  Royal Raymond Rife, the Rife Microscope, the Rife Ray Tube, and Barry Lynes' "The Cancer Cure that Worked"
  5. L'Affaire Krebiozen  -  Dr. Andrew Ivy and Krebiozen
  6. DSMO - The Persecuted Drug  -  Dr. Stanley Jacob
  7. The Colostrum Story  - 
  8. Gaston Naessens - "Galileo of the Microscope"  - 
  9. The Miracle of Electromedicine  -  Dr. Robert Becker & Dr. Daniel Kirsch
  10. Hydrazine Sulfate  -  Dr. Joseph Gold
  11. The Fiercest Battle  -  Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski
  12. A Matter of Life and Death


Below are assembled for you the Author's Preface, an Introduction by Berkley Bedell (a former US Congressman), The Table of Contents, and Chapter One of "Politics in Healing".  You'll need Adobe's Acrobat reader to view them.  If you don't already have Acrobat installed on your computer, you may obtain it for free from Adobe by clicking on the icon below.  Then click on the various PDF files to sample Dan's upcoming book.  (While they're open in the Acrobat Reader, you can save them to your computer's hard drive, if you wish.)

Dan Haley-Politics in Healing: Author's Preface PDF

Dan Haley-Politics in Healing: Forward by Berkley Bedell PDF

Dan Haley-Politics in Healing: Table of Contents.pdf

Dan Haley-Politics in Healing: Chapter One.pdf


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