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Cool Facts About Your Vagina

Cool Facts About Your Vagina
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The vagina is a wonderful thing. It is a giver of life and has many other wonderful properties. Men should be jealous. But here is a list of interesting facts about your vagina that you may or may not know…

Vagina is only one part of the system

Most people, when talking about a women’s intimate areas use the term ‘vagina’ when in fact that is only one part of the whole system.

Take for instance a new trend called ‘Vaginal Bleaching’ – it is not in fact bleaching the vagina at all, but rather the vulva. We reached out to Penny at for an explanation. “We wanted to get our information out to as many women as we could and we quickly realized that almost no one searches for the proper term, which would be vulva bleaching.

The vagina is actually an internal part of the body, the external parts are called the vulva”.

Vaginas are self cleaning

Yes, a vagina is a truly wondeful thing. A vagina keeps itself clean and there is no need to use soaps, douches or other cleaning items inside the vagina. Keeping the exterior, or vulva clean and dry is important but the vagina will take care of itself.

Let it breathe!

For optimal vaginal health, it needs to breathe! Some quick tips: Wear cotton undies. Stay away from Spandex as much as possible. Wear pads only as long as necessary. Sleep bottomless!

If you have a workout, a quick wash down there to remove sweat and excess moisture is always a good idea.

Itching isn’t always from a yeast infection

The most common cause of itching ‘down there’ is from a yeast infection, but don’t jump to conclusions. Some other common causes of genital itching are:

  • Shaving
    Trimming the vulva or vaginal area with a razor can cause itching with some women, sometimes a lot. Try using a warm cloth to soothe the bumps or a natural moisturizer like aloe vera.
  • Detergent
    Have you recently changed laundry detergents? Irritation or slight allergic reaction to some laundry soaps is extremely common, especially scented ones. Try sticking with a natural brand, without scents. Same goes with dryer sheets.
  • Chafing from clothes
    Wearing that cute pair of shorts that may be one size too small? Chafing might just be the cause of your itchiness down there, especially if it’s warm out and you’re sweating a bit. Wear something a bit looser fitting. Your vagina will thank you.

Stuff can’t get lost in there

Contrary to what some might tell you, stuff can’t just get lost in your vagina, never to reappear. Your tampon can’t make it’s way inside your body to places it shouldn’t be. It’s a dead end street down there.

I’m not condoning putting things in your vagina that don’t belong, but if you believe the old wives tale that things can go missing, you’ll be glad to know that it’s all a hoax.

Watch what you put in there

Looking to have a fun night in bed with your partner? Be careful with things like whipped cream, chocolate syrup, honey and the like. They might be fun for a change, but try to keep them on the outside. Getting a lot of sugars inside the vagina can throw off your delicate balance in there and possibly cause a yeast infection.

Sex equals vaginal health

Here’s one most of us can get behind. Studies have shown that having regular intercourse is beneficial in several ways. It can help relieve stress, improve your physical health as well as mental health. And contrary to what many people think, regular vaginal sex will not make you ‘loose’.

In fact, having regular orgasms help stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in a somewhat tighter feeling vagina. Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

No two vulvas are the same

Technically, this one isn’t about the vagina itself, but the outer portion – the vulva. The vulva is almost like a snowflake – no two are really identical. There is no ‘perfect’ vulva and there is no such thing as ‘normal’ there are large variations in things like skin coloring, labia size and clitoris size.

While all the parts may be in the same places, they rarely look the same.

I suppose you might have a vulva doppleganger somewhere in the world, but you’ll have a better chance of finding Waldo.

Women are more susceptible to STI’s

The skin layer or lining of the vagina is much thinner than skin on the penis of a man and will allow bacteria and viruses to pass into the body much more easily than to a man. Sorry ladies.

The vagina changes during arousal

Studies have shown that during arousal, most vaginas will become more relaxed and wider. This is a natural reaction, meaning the body is automatically preparing itself for intercourse.

This relaxing and widening does not mean you are loosening up, it’s just a method of your body coping with the natural evolutionary process of intercourse.

The clitoris is a like a penis

The clitoris is an organ just like the penis, just a smaller version. But here’s one thing you might not have known – while the penis has approximately 4000 nerve endings, the clitoris has over 8000! That’s a lot of nerves packed into one tiny little package. While we’re on the subject – the clitoris typically becomes erect during arousal, just like the penis.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the wonderful world of the vagina and perhaps have learnt a thing or two as well. What is amazing is that with all that’s been presented here, I’ve still barely scratched the surface. Watch for my next installment where I get into more fun topics about women’s bodies that you never needed to know!

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