Lower Back Pain Relief
When you hurt your back, you may need 1-2 days of rest. Any more than this will weaken you while you’re  resting in bed. Be sure to lie in a way that eliminates stress on your injured back. You can lie on your back with a pillow underneath your knees for lumbar support or you may… (0 comment)

Healthcare: A Right, Not A Privilege
According to the World Health Organization and the Physicians for a National Health Program, the United States spends twice as much per capita on healthcare compared to other countries such as Canada, Britain & Germany, who have universal healthcare. It is currently considered a privilege in the U.S., not a right. Those that support the… (0 comment)

Is HGH legal?
Is HGH legal and Should You Use It?   HGH is a human growth hormone and the injections of it are widely used in the beauty industry, sport and medical treatment of burns and injuries. It shows great results and is well known for its positive effect on the body and mood. Still, it has… (0 comment)

12 Magical Ways to Stop a Panic Attack NOW
Many people have a problem in common: How to stop a panic attack now? If you don’t face this this problem, you may become a victim of recurrent panic attacks. It’s vital to determine your symptoms first. Does this sound familiar? Spinning environment… Pounding heart… Couldn’t catch my breath… Felt very scared… Tingling sensation…. And… (0 comment)

8 Bronchial Spasms Home Treatments
If you are suffering from a bronchial spasm, you’ve come to the best place. This article talks about bronchial spasms treatments that you can do at home. Generally, a bronchospasm refers to a discomfort in which the airways shrinks unnaturally. Before we dive into details, you need to confirm that you have a bronchial spasm. Common… (0 comment)

Politics in Healing Book
Politics in Healing: The suppression and manipulation of American Medicine — Daniel Haley, Author A former New York State Assemblyman who has spent a lifetime studying health and healing in America, Dan is a man uniquely able to tell the story of the damage greed and political influence has wrought on our nation’s healthcare alternatives.… (4 comments)